Sunday, September 28, 2008

blog blogs evrywhere

Blogging “my new endeavor” .when I started off blogging …..I was so excited …it felt so cool telling (read: bragging) people that I had a instantaneously became my bestest hobby. But now somewhere down the line the enthusiasm is slowly melting away. And Telling people that I am a blogger is not kewl any more because they might “PAY A VISIT”. (And find out what a big looser I am).
Two things about the blog perplex me at the moment. For one...being an engineering student shouldn’t my blog be more about stuff related to technology (my branch being information technology). More like providing solutions to software’s problems. in my first year of engineering in nit-Bhopal I so much wanted to be a computer geek(a la Hollywood one) the big spectaceld ones or more so “an hacker”(the name sounds so cool).

A beautiful Girl “what do u do for a living... (Handsome)”?
Me “I m a hacker”. So cool man.

I would love to provide computer solutions to the needy.To computers in distress. If people would only come to me requesting me to fix up their computers. .I would save the day for them. HERE COMES "computerman". tadaaa.

THOUGH At present it’s the other way around. I have reached my second year in i.t engineering but I reckon I am yet to gain any byte of practical knowledge yet .PROBABLY ENGINEERING WAS NOT MY CALLING. BUT COME TO THINK ABOUT IT “WHAT WAS”. I probably suck at everything .

about "Girls"

I have absolutely no qualms admitting this is my favorite topic. Not because they are interesting (they are actually) it’s just that I have so much to write in it. I’ll start of with the basics. I did my schooling from St. josephs college, Nainital (one of the most spectacular schools in the country see picture: we fondly call it “sem”).it wasn’t a co-ed school.i can’t recall the exact word for it (not that I not know of it) but putting it plainly it
was a CATHOLIC boys school and we actually didn’t have any contact (no pun intended) with girls. Girls for us were like some "GHASTLY" creatures straight out of some William Ramsey thriller(though my hormones revolted). I learnt a lot from my alma mater.But probably it didn’t teach me how to confront girls or put up to them.(if it sounds less offending).silly as I was I would thing of them as extra terrestrial creature .if I tried to put A TALK WITH ONE words would fumble in my mouth. Words would either not come out at all or come out all at once. The more I tried to improve upon my weakness the more I seemed to be getting conscious and thus weaker I would be getting by the day. Slowly and eventually with time now I started learning to live with it.

now its all become a part of my life alas!!