Thursday, December 4, 2008

A serious post !!

Like any other mumbaikar the recent terror attacks in mumbai left me seething with indignation.
My first thought in response to the terror attacks in mumbai was.....”i go to the places almost every fact it had only been a week since i had been there...”
Whenever my cousins or friends would be visiting mumbai . The
area in and around colaba would be the first in our
itinerary......The soothing cool wind of the ocean and the architectural

grandaunce of the TAj in the backdrop made for perfect combination.

what particularly saddened my heart was to see how weak and fragile a nation we still our.on one hand we are eying to be a global superpower on the other our borders are so porous that the terrorists could attack at whim.
what were our NAVY,ATS,intelligence guys doing???

The condition on ground zero was even more deplorable.there were as many as 100 policeman deployed in that areas ...only these policeman were carrying simple lathis and .303 rifles(used in the world war 2) with them....on the contrary the 6 terrorist who entered mumbai through had with them automatic assault m-6 guns and ak-47's.........consequentially when the terrorist struck majority of these policeman were the first to run helter-skelter along with the public to save their lives....This itself tells the collective horror tale of the..... sorry state of internal security in India and of how woefully we lack in quality infrastructure...WAKE UP.INDIA!!!

.303 RIFLE and the AK-47'S respectively


akash said...

where were you at the time of attack dude!!!!

Trinaa said...

i have just one word 4 ur writeup :AWESOME!

Rakesh said...

buddy i really dont think India was whinning here it was shear anger that people potraied through this procession...

NiTiSh MaDaN said...

nice blog dude
keep it up.......