Friday, October 31, 2008

“Excuse me boss you have a text message”

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“Excuse me boss you have a text message” does that ring any bell's in your mind...every other guy seems to have this message alert tone in his cell phone..right from the ghutka eating mistry the poor govinda lookalike in your friendly neighbourhood .there is something about being addressed as “boss” that men particularly seem to savour...i am not so sure about women ....but come to think it... girls probably don't like being addressed as boss b'coz you know they are all feminine and stuff...
and moreover you tend to associate boss with something very bulky and masculine...and no women wants to be bulky or masculine or do they??? the boss's thing( sorry)....You know one good reason for me choosing to write this post.. b'coz dandy is not going to need this ringtone no more... I am also a boss now (blink,blink)...Yup my juniors address me as boss.They come up to me and say good evening boss/morning boss ..and girls even man they all wiss me atleast if they dont wanna kiss me..(P.j).ha ha...I am all like “jeetay raho etc..” .. feel like on top of the world..I know what ya thinking ....dandy a boss..duh......but people such are the protocol's in my lovely college...that moron's like me go about waving the boss's tag....lucky me..

long live the senior who made this lovely protocol...

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