Friday, October 24, 2008

Victor's cheating handbook :

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Today let's discuss about the tricks of the cheating trade.MIND YOU, Not blowing my own trumpet but believe me I am almost like a pro in it. in my 13 year career as a student i have virtually cheated in every exam(yup started cheating from grade 1) and i have never been caught.puuting it plainly never have i found a better cheat then me. here’s a look at the finer nuances of the beautiful but neglected art of cheating right from the expert.

1. As soon as you enter the exam hall try acting like you are one of the better students of the class. Don’t laugh don’t joke. Just don’t do any silly activity that highlights you in the eyes of the invigilator.

2. Remember a cog sheet is always a better option then copying from an adjacent mate.

3. While using a cog sheet place it inside your answer sheet slowly turn the pages to look at the cog sheet. To the teacher it should look like you are reading one of your answers.

4. Remember back benches are the best places to cheat. Even if a teacher gets suspicious . Very subtly remove the cog sheet…either gulp it or throw it under somebody else’s seat (somebody who won’t prove harm to you later).

5. If you are sans a cog sheet and are caught while looking at the answer sheet of the guy sitting behind you. Tell the invigilator you were asking for a pencil or rubber.

6. Remember no matter how strict a invigilator he she won’t deduct your marks unless you are caught 2-3 times.

7. So make it a point to get caught 2-3 times before you leave the hall.(this allows maximum utilization of your rights).

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