Thursday, October 23, 2008

"economiC recession" for DUMMIES

Day after day the headlines in newspapers were getting more audacious, the font size was getting larger and it was hard for “idiots” like you and me to turn a blind eye…………soon it was ubiquitous all around in news channels its repercussions to be seen and felt in our daily lives. No prizes on guessing I am talking about the global meltdown .so how it all started? Why is that India which was growing at 8-10% each year seems to be setting its eyes on 7% growth target? Who is going to be affected by the meltdown? Does it spell doom for our brotherhood? And till when will this fracas continue????

Here’s a simple explanation of the meltdown for our idiot brotherhood exclusively by an idiot:

It all started with the dot com bubble burst in America in the early months of 2001 a large number of people lost their jobs. And the us economy moved into a recession. To prevent this u.s government reduced interest rates on loans in order to push liquidity into the market. Liquidity is amount of free cash flow taking place in the market. To take advantage of the low interests rate a number of sub-prime families in America took loans and bought property in the form of real estate.4-5 years from then these sub-prime families in large numbers defaulted in paying back loans. The American banks started feeling the heat as the number of defaulters increased continuously .the American banks which are the behemoths of the banking industry faced bankruptcy. This phenomenon was commonly referred to as the sub-prime mortgage. Lehman brother a global financial muscle became bankrupt earlier this month.

The Indian it companies came directly in the firing line because 60% of their revenues come from the American markets.

The meltdown might not end as soon as it came. The inflammation of the scars might be felt in the long run and would take time to heal. It seems inevitable this time around lesser members of our brotherhood would be absorbed in i.t and it.e.s industries.

So now what do we do?

Mah advice: “pray morons not for your self but for America USE EVERYTHING MADE IN AMERIACA ...

HERE’S a list of seven things to do to save our asses:
2. Only Hollywood movies with American star casts...of yes I almost forgot only original DVD’s (for the time being).
3. You always wanted to wear Nike and Levi’s now you have a good reason to do it.
4. Only American porn sites (what ??ohh...They are already your favorite).
5. No Ganga jamuna bisleri mineral water…only aquafina.
6. Pepsi and coke before you sleep...
7. Cadbury chocolates for your girlfriends (if she swears by amul dump her).

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