Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hey guys, today yet again your very own dandy daju did it again. Achieved the proverbial “flunks yet again “.moving from strength to strength ...I scored one out of fifteen in my electronic devices and circuit exam (e.d.c). Probably the lowest in class .stones and milestones are coming in equal measures for me. this is the second minor I am talking about in my first minor I scored 6 which translates to a total of 7 marks out of thirty .a back in the subject now seems inevitable. A back yippee……..would be another feather in my cap.
There were many thought s that were crossing in my mind as I approached the teacher to see my marks. Expecting a fifteen as always...I was a profoundly dumbstruck with what I saw. Strange optical illusions happen to you at these kinds of (very low marks) moments. First the “01” seemed like a “10” probably the paper was upside down. On a closer look it did seem like the 0 was before the digit. Then I stared very hard at the 1 trying to believe it was a 7. When the teacher gave me a contemptuous glare ……..the truth slowly started dawning on me .of the many thought that zapped in my moronic mind was one, try to use psychics to turn the 1 into a seven in the mark record sheet or the easy way do the same “manually”. A voice in my head said “do it do it “but the teachers hard sterenous looks seemed to be getting the better of me. I couldn’t muster enough courage to do it. I took the paper and went straight out...with a “subject back “looming large over my head and another subject for a new post in my blog.

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